Here it goes, this is my first, and may be my last attempt at a blog.

A bit about me, I am rapidly approaching 50, with bits of me wearing out quicker than I would like, including knees, eyes and according to my wife my hearing.

I have been a lover of the outdoors for most of my life, starting with the Duke of Edinburgh award in school which nurtured that interest. I managed to complete my gold and I am still involved with the charity as an assessor and get out as a walker and paddler as often as I can.

My day job gets in the way of enjoyment, but I felt it was time to get beyond that, share a little of my experiences and adventures, which for many I am sure will be a bit sedate, but I want to show you that we can get out and enjoy the outdoors at minimal cost, with good experiences, either with the youngsters or heaven forbid on our own.

What lets me do this? My own love of the outdoors alongside a few skills I have gained over the years in walking and paddling. I don’t profess to be a world leading explorer and I am sure people will offer their opinions on my activities, which I will promote and discuss.

Why do I want to do this? I am getting on in years and need to get a bit of weight off, get my cholesterol and blood pressure under control, so why not share it, as I am sure there are folk out there who need a bit of inspiration.

I am going to try and offer my experiences of kit, technology and how it works for me. I am not sponsored so will not be stuck with one brand. I also have two grown up boys who have been involved alongside me, so I fully understand the cost implications.

Follow me and for a bit of fun, with a few locations and stunning sights dropped in. I haven’t got a clue how this blogging works so hopefully some of you will pitch in to improve this.

Cheers and welcome.

Walkin’ Munkey (alias Carl).